Core Value


Since the inception of the first company the Prajapat Tiles company and subsequent development in to a number of other manufacturing units and brands, the group has maintained a philosophy of Sharing and Betterment of life. In every action we take and all developments that we make, the above two guiding principles have acted as the pillars of decision making. The top management of the company in any and all conditions have always favored to these founding philosophy of Sharing and Betterment of life.

From employees to Marketing partners to Suppliers to Customers, we will always make efforts that make your life better. Each and every step that we take we will always ensure that every stake holder gets a share of the result. While we will take risks, these stake holders will enjoy the fruits. We believe that the community we live in and the society we serve are the greatest reasons of development. Technology, growth and huge plants are but a mere vehicle to lead to betterment of society. We are proud that we have always put the society and its matters before our profits. We will stand by this habit always. The company started with this philosophy and will grow with the same.


To excel each company under ARGIL Group in their product and service to be at the top level.

  • We will use the most relevant technology and inputs to make our products the most appreciated and demanded.
  • We will recruit people and train them to retain them till retirement, always improving their Human resource Value.
  • To consistently introduce new product range in order to meet the global competition and eventually attain leadership status.
  • To invest more in the R&D department and constantly improve the existing product quality and increase the product line and product depth.
  • To strengthen the existing export and explore the new markets.
  • Vision 2020

    We would like to make ARGIL the most respected and admired business group, globally, in terms of products and services that add value to lives of all associated.