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In the past 62 odd years of working in semi professional and professional environment, we have observed that quality is not limited to products, but to all activities that we do. From smallest of the tasks like keying in an invoice data to closing the biggest deal, quality is required at every stage and at all levels.


The catalyst to faster and better products is the use of latest technology. We understand that technology is continuously advancing and the latest that we run today in our factories may become old or obsolete within 2-3 years, giving way to more efficient and effective technology and machines. We will always look for the best in technology and machinery and invest in it to remain market leader.


People are the driving force of any company. The successful business houses of the world have always attributed their success to people. We will invest in people in forms of training, better work environment and a balanced work-life proposition with promise of growth in the future. We will take care of our greatest assets, the people.


We believe a customer as a god. From the smallest to the biggest customer we take care of their likes and dislike, their requirement and their choice. We would like to be more customer centric and customer driven brand rather than product centric brand. By scheming out this resource the most we will make a demand based marketing rather then pushed marketing.

The Leaders

The founder of the company and a true leader of all the people of the company and community is the respected Chairman of the Company. It is his vision till date that has lead to our being on the success map of Ceramic World. His key role till date is setting higher vision for the company and showing a road map to achieve it. With more than 70 years of experience in ceramic sector, his judgment is the most valuable input in our company's thinking process.


Product design is the single most important and market generating parameter. Thus we have established a computerized Design department with fine arts experts. Both the units have their independent teams who work help each other when needed but take up their own challenges on designing of fresh looks and trendy designs. We have also collaborated with Spanish and Italian companies for the design know how.